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Eleven year old Noa Fe Williams booked a season on Nickalodeon's "Becca's Bunch", YAY......we also worked on an audition for the new remake of "Ghostwriter" and she got a callback....exciting

Although I did not work on the audition Anais Lee has a role as the young Yara Shahadi in " The Sun is also a Star" I have been working with her and her sister Mirabelle for years. They are red hot and deserve a shout out....recently bookings are a Nickoldeon promo and "Dicks Sporting Goods"

See Nick Mangino featured on Starz Black's "Jasons Letter" Nick is a recent client of mine and although I did not work on that particular audition. I see an encouraging future for him



Adult actor Christine Rhoads booked a part in " House of Cards" shooting in October.

Adult student Rebecca Fabry has a featured role in " How to Get Girls" to be released soon by Glass Productions

Congrats to child actor Payton Lutz, as of March 2017 , she is now officially signed with an agent and manager.

Congrats to 19 year old Seth Kolb, as of April 2017, he is now officially signed with an agent and manager.

Congrats to adult actor, Thomas Biju Abraham. As of May 2017, he is now officially signed with an agent and manager.



Golden Globes and my two students ! Congrats to child actor Anais Lee…we worked hard on her audition for the co-starring Role on ” Mozart and the Jungle”. Congrats to child actor Devin Fabry. We worked equally as hard for her to book the part of young Amy Schumer in ” Trainwreck” It’s an honor to be in the nominations!

GOLD ADDY AWARD ! Congrats to my brilliant, talentred wife. She won with the touching story of a young boy receiving a double hand transplant. It’s never been done! The hands are now moving and growing with him…wow! Watch it and have some tissues.

The eight pages of sides had one line…..but many key reactions….co-starring role on ” The Blacklist. Congrats to twin sisters Mirabelle and Anais Lee….They both booked it!!

Fall  2015

October 29th I got a call…” we need to tape two scenes and send them in tonight ” We did…we booked ” The Stephan Colbert Show” … on October 30 little Anais Lee trick or treated with Ron Gronkowski ( on the show) too funny . Meanwhile sister Mirabelle was in the Dominican Republic doing a Club Med Shoot. Both girls are dancing ballet in ” Billy Elliot “at the Media Theater. They are on fire. Former student Tamika RS booked a role in the upcoming film ” Dirty Thirty” premiering in 2016. Watch student Christine Carlson Witte on Bluebloods November 7

Summer 2015

“Trainwreck” was released and opened with a shot of my student Devin Fabry playing young Amy Schumer. We worked hard on her getting that role. Just found out that 8 year old Anais Lee booked a co-starring role on Nickelodeon’s “Marty and The Jungle” This is the third co-starring role this year that she has booked after working on the audition with me. We are a great team! Christine Carlson Witte booked a featured role on ” Limitless”. Former student Tamika RS booked a role on ” Life in Pieces”

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“The Voice” After working on presentation, interview and delivery…it was so rewarding to see Blake and Adam both turn around for my student Josh Batstone….he chose Adam….Congrats. Mirabelle and Anais Lee skyped with me for an audition for “Madame Secretary” ..we nailed it…they booked both of them..yay!!” Waiting on lots of auditions and callbacks….will update soon. Former student Katherine Hughes is featured in the much talked about film” Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”

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Ok here we go
Not only is my student, young actor AJ Tecce going to his third callback for the voice in a new animated feature film.(cannot disclose the name at this  time)….he booked a Horizon commercial in May, Selective Insurance in July and Pep Boys in August….Way to Go !!!
Congrats to student Meg Waldowski for booking a lead in “The Haunting Of” ( Shirley Jones episode, she plays Merideth Mcrae)….but also booking the part of Hardy Mosley Schimnt in ” Killer Profiles

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Holy Moly….what a week!!! Seven student bookings in seven days!

From July 4th to July 7th:

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